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Your own home café!
Now that the tough winter mornings are behind us, why not spring out of bed and start the day relaxing at home with a soothing cup of pour over coffee?
Getting the morning off to the perfect start
Open the curtains, water the plants and enjoy the relaxing effect of the aroma of freshly-ground coffee and the swelling of the grounds after pouring hot water. Start by getting the coffee and dripper ready, then try pouring!
How to grind the coffee beans
How to brew coffee (movie)
Getting into gear
Whether it’s at the start of the work day, or a break between tasks, the switch-like effects produced by coffee can show in our performance without us realizing. With the cone-shaped V60 dripper, flavor and strength can be adjusted through the timing of the pouring to brew coffee that fits the mood of the moment when working at home or in the office. 
Adjusting flavor with Tetsu Kasuya’s “4:6 method” (video)
Leisure time
Discover the elements that go into creating a special moment. Enjoy fulfilling leisure time in a world of aroma and flavor. Try creating drinks with delicious toppings in your favorite cup.
Assorted drinks recipes (video)
Tools for enjoying coffee
Protecting the environment
When making coffee, we all want to use environmentally-friendly tools. The FSC certification program is run by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization that evaluates whether forest management and logging are carried out with consideration for the environment and local communities. The FSC logo can be used on paper products produced from certified forests. At HARIO, we are beginning to develop our efforts to protect forests and have introduced FSC-certified paper for our cone-shaped paper filters.

Brighten your day with a simple cup of coffee.


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