How to grind the coffee beans

You can grind your coffee beans as fine as granulated sugar or as coarse as raw sugar. The appropriate grind depends on how you brew and drink your coffee.

Choosing a Coffee Mill

Every mill can grind coffee beans, but some have extra features, being convenient for carry around, or stylish design.
If you use a mill with ceramic burrs, it reduces friction heat to prevent damage to the bean when you grind.

Recommended Products

The perfect gift for Christmas!

Adorably Decorative

Coffee Mill "Column"

HARIO’s popular wooden coffee mill. It can grind up to 40 g at once. Why don’t you enjoy coffee break with your family? (40 g)

Good Weight and Solid Feel

Aluminum Alloy Coffee Mill PRISM

This grinder has a good weight and solid feel. Made with alumite-treated aluminum for a smooth look and feel. (24 g)

Simple Beauty

Ceramic Coffee Mill "Wood"

This beautiful curved mill has a ceramic and olive wood body that makes it feel like a part of your interior decoration. The burrs are also ceramic, meaning they won’t damage your coffee beans with heat as you grind them. (30 g)

Perfect for the Outdoors!

Smart G Electric Handy Coffee Grinder

A hand mill combined with a handy electric coffee grinder enables you to grind coffee beans more quickly and evenly. The compact size and lithium storage battery make it perfectly portable.(24g)

An Electric Grinder for Busy Mornings

V60 Electric Coffee Grinder Compact

Grain size can be adjusted for 39 settings for your favorite coffee. It’s perfect for those mornings when you can’t wait for your first cup! (100 g)

Incredible Accessories

Coffee Guide Lines

Measuring Spoon

It’s easier to get the perfect cup when your coffee spoon is marked with 12, 10 and 8 g.