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Tools that make you feel at home
The positive effect that the space around us can have on our physical condition is a feeling that everyone can relate to. Try these useful glass tools for cleaning and everyday cooking.
Creating a clean space
Baking soda is an alkaline substance that provides an easy way to clean the oil stains and odors that build up in the microwave during everyday use. Mix water and baking soda at a ratio of 4:1 and warm in a microwave for 5 minutes. Leave it inside the microwave for about 10 minutes and the steam will allow you to wipe the surfaces easily. Heatproof glass cups are ideal as they are resistant to heat as well as acid and alkaline.
HARIO Measure Cup
Quench your thirst with cold brew green tea
Keeping your body hydrated helps you stay in shape. Cold brew tea contains less caffeine and tannin than tea brewed with hot water, reducing bitterness and astringency and allowing you to enjoy the subtle sweetness of its flavor. As the first of this year’s harvest arrives, what better time for a refreshing tea? Enjoy the vibrant green of early summer with Hario’s highly-transparent heatproof glass.
MIZUDASHI (Cold Brew) Tea Pot
Making additive-free dressing
After cooking, having leftover spices and herbs in the fridge is the perfect opportunity to try making the most of these ingredients by creating handmade dressings. This method of preserving a variety of ingredients opens up a range of possibilities, from French cuisine to Italian, Chinese and Japanese dishes. A blend of chervil, chili pepper, garlic and olive oil is shown in the picture. Heatproof glass bottles prevent the transfer of odor and color, meaning the same bottle can be used for various types of dressing.
Dressing Bottle Slim

This glass item will help you to keep your mind and body in top condition every day.


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