How to Brew Coffee

The same beans can have a completely different flavor and depth depending on how you brew them.

Brewing Methods

The seven types of brewing methods below have different characteristics and produce different flavors.

Crisp Flavor

Paper Filter Pour Over

Paper filters soak up more complicated notes to deliver a crisp flavor. You can adjust the flavor by changing your pour speed. Cleaning is also a breeze!

Full-Bodied and Sweet

Slow Drip Cold Brew

Water falls drop by drop to pull out a rich flavor. This coffee is characterized by fullness and sweetness with very little bitterness or astringency.

Clean and Sweet

Immersion Cold Brew

Beans are soaked in water to slowly extract a flavor that is mellow and not astringent or bitter. Convenience makes this method appealing!

Gentle yet Full-Bodied

Cloth Drip

Using soft fabric allows the ground coffee to sufficiently expand and deliver the beans’ full flavor. Maintenance is required for cloth filters.

Fragrant and Consistent Flavor


Brews at a high temperature so that the coffee doesn't lose any flavor and has a consistent taste.

Coffee Oils for Full Flavor

French Press

The oils from the bean stay in the brew for added fullness and flavor. It’s easy to directly extract the flavor, so this is perfect for premium coffee beans.