Immersion Cold Brew

Immersion Cold Brew

This is cold brew where the ground coffee is immersed in water. It is characterized by a refreshing, sweet flavor. If you set up your brew in the evening and leave it in the refrigerator, it will be ready for you to enjoy in the morning!

What You’ll Need and Time Required

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8 hours

Approximately 8 hours

How to Brew

Put in your ground coffee beans

Put ground coffee in the strainer (we recommend a dark roast, medium fine grind)

Add water

Add water up to the guide line on the product so that the water seeps into the ground coffee

Let brew in the refrigerator

Leave it in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Make the coffee at night so that it will be ready to enjoy in the morning.

Recommended Products

These products have the same function, but are made from different parts to give off a different feel.

Coffee in a Wine Bottle?!

Filter-in Coffee Bottle

The top looks like a wine bottle and is made of silicone so that it won’t break even if it touches the glass you are pouring coffee into. HARIO bottles are designed to fit into the shelves on the door of your refrigerator.

Coffee with Elegance

Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

Made with sturdy stainless steel mesh and a stainless steel lid. This makes it easy to clean while also giving it a modern feel.

Incredible Accessories

The Beauty of Water Falling Drop by Drop

Slow Drip Cold Brew

In this cold brew coffee maker, water falls drop by drop to pull out every bit of coffee flavor. This method is characterized by a full-bodied and sweet flavor.