Slow Drip Cold Brew

Slow Drip Cold Brew

Cold water from the water dripper is released drop by drop to extract the coffee’s full flavor. This is also known as Dutch Coffee, and is characterized by a full and sweet flavor.

What You’ll Need and Time Required

Slow Drip Products

1~3 hours

Approximately 1 to 3 hours

How to Brew

Dampen the ground coffee

Doing this allows the water to permeate the ground coffee

Slow drip the water

Put water in the upper bowl and adjust the speed to drip drop by drop

Wait for your coffee to brew

Your coffee will finish brewing in around 1 to 3 hours

Recommended Products

Our products are just the right size for you to enjoy slow drip coffee at home!

Retro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Water Dripper "Pota" N

The antique design of this model has been loved since the 70s. We named this coffee maker “Pota”, after the onomatopoeia for water dripping in Japanese, and gave it a shape you will love.

No Need to Adjust the Speed

Slow Drip Brewer HARIO SHIZUKU

Designed with dripper parts that release water at just the right speed so you can easily enjoy the perfect cold brew coffee. This model brews in 1 to 2 hours, which is relatively quick for this kind of cold brew.

Incredible Accessories

Brew Before Bed and Wake Up to a Fresh Cup

Immersion Cold Brew

The cold brew coffee maker brews by soaking ground coffee in water. This method is characterized by a refreshing, sweet flavor.