Cloth Drip

Cloth Drip

Before paper, there were filters made of cloth. The cloth of the filter is soft to allow the ground coffee to fully expand and deliver the beans’ full flavor. This method of brewing is one that is loved by professional baristas.

What You’ll Need

Drip Pot

Includes the cloth filter and a measuring spoon

How to Brew

Level the grounds

Put in freshly ground coffee beans, and shake them gently until level

Moisten for 30 seconds

Pour in enough boiling water to dampen all the ground coffee

Pour boiling water from the center

From the center, pour in boiling water as though drawing a 25 mm circle, making sure to finish the pour within three minutes no matter how many cups you are making

Recommended Products

These are our classic pour over brewing pots. It is even easy to take off the cloth filter from them. Replacement parts are also available so you can continue using them for a long time to come.

The Professional Standard

Drip Pot Wood Neck

The water passes through the fine mesh of the cloth to deliver a gentle yet full flavor. The cloth has to be cleaned after use, but give this brewing method a try and you will taste the difference.

Elegant Wood

Drip Pot Wood Neck Olive Wood

The grip is made of smooth olive wood that’s ergonomically shaped for your hand. The grain of each grip is different so yours will be the only one of its kind.

Incredible Accessories

Correct Timing and Volume

Drip Scale

Be careful to keep track of brewing time and the amount of water you use. This product is excellent for watching both at the same time.

Easy Pour

Drip Kettle

The tapered spout makes it easy to achieve a controlled pour of a little water at a time for even better-tasting coffee.

Grind Beans with Ease

Ceramic Coffee Mill

All HARIO coffee hand mills are made with ceramic burrs that won’t damage your coffee beans with heat as you grind them.