Paper Filter Pour Over

Paper Filter Pour Over

Paper filters make cleaning easy and they soak up coffee oils and scum for a crisp flavor.

It’s easy to get the beans’ specific flavor to come out in your brew, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll learn how to use the pour to control the flavor according to the bean type.

What You’ll Need

Paper Filter

There are many different types, but this is a cone-shaped filter.


We recommend the V60 because it is easy to adjust the flavor of your coffee by changing your pour speed.

Coffee Server

The lid and the handle are microwave safe, so you can reheat your coffee, too!

How to Brew

Level the grounds

Put in freshly ground coffee beans, and shake them gently until level

Moisten for 30 seconds

Pour in enough boiling water to dampen all the ground coffee

Pour boiling water from the center

From the center, pour in boiling water as though drawing a 25 mm circle, making sure to finish the pour within three minutes no matter how many cups you are making

Recommended Products

This dripper and server set is made in Japan but is used all over the world.

The Cone is the Shape of Flavor

V60 Paper Filter 100 sheets

Compatible with cone-shaped drippers. Three sizes are available to brew from one to six cups.

Ceramics with Warmth

V60 Coffee Dripper Ceramic

The V60 dripper is made of Japanese porcelain. This material has an individually handcrafted warmth. The V60 is designed with a ribbed shape that allows air to pass so that the ground coffee can fully expand.

Design that Fits

V60 Range Server

The heat-resistant server is completely transparent. It fits right in no matter the space, so it’s the server of choice at many cafes.

Incredible Accessories

Correct Timing and Volume

Drip Scale

Be careful to keep track of brewing time and the amount of water you use. This product is excellent for watching both at the same time.

The Feeling of a Trendy Cafe

Dripper Stand

This stand looks great even when simply on display in the kitchen. You can use it with a cup instead of a server, as well.

Easy Pour

Drip Kettle

The tapered spout makes it easy to achieve a controlled pour of a little water at a time for even better-tasting coffee.

The Perfect Temperature

Drip Thermometer

HARIO recommends a temperature of 93℃. Try changing the brewing temperature to your taste and for the beans you are using and you will be able to see it in the fullness of the flavor.

Paperless Filters, Too

"Cafeor" Dripper

We also carry drippers with stainless steel mesh filters that don’t use paper. These are great if you like the flavor added by coffee oils or want to make coffee during outdoor activities.