V60 1回抽出ドリッパー  MUGEN 無限
V60 1回抽出ドリッパー  MUGEN 無限
Cold brew coffee extracted in cold milk has quietly gained popularity during the cold brew coffee boom.
Since no water or sugar is added, the coffee flavor is directly brought out for adult enjoyment. Light roast beans create a strong aroma, while dark roast beans deliver a strong flavor. We recommend extracting coffee in oat milk as well.

Put 40g of coffee grounds in a coffee bag.
Hang the bag in the coffee pot by string and add 500ml of cold whole milk.

Use a spoon to push the pack into the milk while holding the string.
Add the lid and place the pot in the refrigerator for 8 hours.

Your milk brewed coffee is now ready to enjoy.
The pot easily fits on a refrigerator door shelf.

The coffee bag is easily removed by string after extraction.

Milk Brewed Coffee Pot
Practical capacity 500mL
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