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Spring kitchen
Spring is the season when the world bursts into life, so what better time to try some new recipes?
With simple, stylish designs, these pieces of kitchenware made from heatproof glass are perfect for making cooking easier, more hygienic and fun.
Starting the day
Speed and simplicity are the key to ensuring a nutritious breakfast during the morning rush.
Cooking items made using few parts that can also function as tableware will help you to start the day just right.
Electric Smoothie Maker
Commitment to classics
Pure, simple stock with no superfluous ingredients, just quality kombu and bonito flakes.
Pour the stock over delicious rice and sashimi for a simple yet indulgent meal without the need for a cooking pot.
GOHANGAMA Glass Lid Rice Cooker
Compact Japanese cuisine
Tsukemono, pickled vegetables, are an essential part of Japanese cuisine that has been gaining attention in recent years. These slimline containers were created for people looking for a compact, stylish way to store tsukemono on the dining table or in the refrigerator. They also look great filled with western-style pickles.
Tsukemono Glass SLIM
Soy Sauce bottle -One Push-

Discover a world of new recipes with Hario kitchenware.


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