Slow Drip Brewer HARIO SHIZUKU

Drop by drop - each drop makes authentic slow drip coffee

Slow drip coffee is ready in only one hours
Casually enjoy slow drip coffee, no need to adjust speed



All the water completely drains through in one to one hours, during which no speed regulation is necessary.


Since the strainer is designed long and thin and meshes are finely made, water permeates all of the coffee grounds, making efficient extraction possible.


The pot is an eye-catching beaker in a conical shape.

Slow Drip Brewer HARIO SHIZUKU
W116 × D116 × H356mm
Practical capacity 600ml
Material: Lid, Outer holder, Inner holder
/ Silicone rubber
Drip parts / Polypropylene
Strainer / Stainless steel
Upper bowl, Pot, Inner holder, Drip part, Paper filter / MADE IN JAPAN
Strainer, Lid, Outer holder / MADE IN CHINA
This product has been quality controlled and assembled in Japan.
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