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About our glass
HARIO’s glass is heatproof. It is highly transparent and resistant to heat.
It is used in a broad range of fields, e.g., cooking utensils, physical and chemical tools and appliances, and parts and components of industrial products. 
Our glass is made of environment-friendly ingredients.
Glass is mainly made from silica sand, mostly Australian white sand. In Australia, the environment is strictly protected. Local environmental cycles are thoroughly protected through meticulous processes. For example, trees that grow naturally in sandhills are protected and nurtured, and after the white sand is extracted from sandhills, they are replanted to recreate sandhills where the local trees grow thickly. Sand, which is imported to Japan, is melted at a high temperature and becomes heatproof glass.  
We use 100% natural salt as the refining agent in our production processes. Therefore, our heatproof glass does not cause any harm to the global environment even when it is broken or disposed of. It is truly environmentally friendly.  
We want our heatproof glass to be used for a long time.
Heatproof glass does not corrode or deform quickly and can be used for many years. We at HARIO maintain an inventory of parts and provide a spout repair service so that customers who have used our products carefully for a long time, but find a component or a part of their product broken, will be helped to continue to use them even longer.
Glass technology and ideas for an enjoyable life.
In our glass factory, we earnestly work with glass everyday and continue to take on challenges. “I wish I could have this sort of thing for my kitchen.” “If this were made of heatproof glass, it would be very convenient.” In order to respond to such thoughts, we continue to improve.

What glass do you have around you? We are happy if you are even mildly interested in our heatproof glass.


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